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.Angle.Rec. ---- R.I.P. (2003-2010)
.Mondes Elliptiques ---- R.I.P. (2006-2010)

Thanks to everyone who supported us in one way or another over the years.


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.Angle.Rec. & Mondes Elliptiques releases
.a.r.=denotes .Angle.Rec. release
.e.q.=denotes Mondes Elliptiques release


.a.r.05.07. LOW END ENSEMBLE – Low End Ensemble CDR lim. 125 -- 6$can

- cdr. limited to 125 copies.
- comes in clear slim dvd case.
- 4 tracks.
- gfx by Chimère Noire
- release: august 2009.

.ANGLE.REC. is proud to present the first production of Montreal’s own LOW END ENSEMBLE.

Coming out from the ashes of multiple rock, progressive, blues and metal bands, Christian Lecompte joins forces with Simon Thibaudeau's oscillated and noiseful world. Witness the birth of Low End Ensemble. We promise no knobs to be left unturned, no feedback left unheard and rumble that would make an earthquake feel ashamed. Simon plays synths, effects, noise & bass Christian plays bass, feedback & moog. Simon also goes under the KVIK moniker, with releases on labels such as BRISE-CUL RECORDS or NAME RECORDS.

The particularity of LOW END ENSEMBLE lies in the exchange of favours between the two sound creators of the project: due to his musician training as well as his experience and mastery in more conventional and ‘’written’’, styles, Christian embeds, in a certain structure, the dishevelled explorations of Simon Thibaudeau, while the latter, with his off-beat and noisy approach, incites Christian to let himself loose and somewhat break the mold of the rigidity and seriousness sometimes associated with more ‘’composed’’ music. From there, one could rightly qualify this first album as ‘’composed improv’’ or ‘’improvised compo’’...Treasures unfold over the 4 long tracks that compose this first official production …In the end, a disc that is more atmospheric than full-on noise. To be filed under organic psych/drone.



.a.r.07. 02. HYENA HIVE – See Saw Sav Ann Ah! 7’’ lim. 250 -- 10$can

- 7’’ vinyl (33RPM) in a deluxe cardboard sleeve with closable flap. limited to 250 copies.
- released on the 15th Day of the 10th Month of the Year 2009.
- mastering by John Sellekaers (

The more it goes, the more our two hyenas, with their cathartic noisiance, are in demand in Montreal for live sets, namely performances with projections, or tracks presented in very particular contexts. The shockwaves concocted by the HYENA HIVE duo now accompany various short films of the Montreal underground, for example creations by KARL LEMIEUX and FREDERICK MAHEUX. However, HYENA HIVE’s sonic imprint was rarely captured on disc. Well, on the .ANGLE.REC. label, there was the extremely limited SERENGETI SERENDIPITY cdr, a testimony to the first phase in the evolution of HYENA HIVE. In their beginnings, they were delivering a very intense, rich and most honest noise-rock sound…but after that, percussions vanished to give way to a sound with a more power-electronics colour, whose presence is now well affirmed in HYENA HIVE’s audio universe. To document this phase, the flamboyant and demented SEE SAW SAV ANN AH! in 7inch format. Two tracks which do not let the listener rest, and by far, one of the most abrasive releases from the .ANGLE.REC. camp. Our two hyenas were in an outstanding shape that day…like always, we may add! This is in the image of all their most recent live performances! Lots of intensity to spare for fearless ears!

A Here, I...
B A Little Detail And A Drill


.a.r.05.06. SKINWELL - Tunnels. CD. 333 copies -- 9$can

- cd. limited to 333 numbered copies.
- special cardboard deluxe sleeve.
- 8 tracks.
- Mastering by METARC.
- gfx by Christian Salette + Martin Dumais
- release: september 2008.

Doors cleverly concealed…unexplored abandoned industrial sites….the angleREC and Mondes Elliptiques labels had the opportunity to work with many sound artists whose explorations are accompanied by a will to uncover on the field, in the abstract as well as in the concrete, different mysteries or secrets, or at least, to probe the enclave, the place they haunt. The SKINWELL project is no exception; its two protagonists, CHRISTIAN CORVELLEC and MARTIN DUMAIS, concoct music for TUNNELS, those places, where, at the end, one is beginnning to see the light, as the old proverb says, but in the present case, we do not really care; we can see the light in the distance, it also penetrates different interstices or fissures along the walls of the tunnels where we progress, but we prefer taking the time to pace the premises, to permeate ourselves with the sound echoes with which they fill our ears and head, and it should be mentioned that the ambiant-drone styling embraced by SKINWELL contains, like the music of some well-know artists of the genre (here we shall name CRANIOCLAST, TROUM or ZOVIET FRANCE with the unique goal of giving people a better idea as to where they are on the map of sonorities), a whole assortment of subtle electronic pulsations, concocted here by CHRISTIAN CORVELLEC, which always adequately support the sound fabrics woven by MARTIN DUMAIS, and which also are their starting point. One only has to imagine a minimal tech project gone the drone-ocean way …pulsations are there, always, but tinged with a sonic fog that is heavy, damp and fluid at the same time and which always suggests, in the end, uncertain twists and turns in this crossing of tunnels. But who would complain?

SKINWELL represents the first musical project on disc involving CHRISTIAN CORVELLEC. On TUNNELS, with MARTIN DUMAIS he seals an alliance of the most fruitful nature, whose initial results gained, right at the beginning, general consensus among fans of ambient-noise and drone looking for new sensations. For his part, MARTIN DUMAIS has been part of Montreal’s electronic and exploratory music scenes for the last 20 years. He mainly gained attention with his ODDS industrial project towards the end of the 80s, his techno ventures JUICEBOX (with Marc Leclair aka AKUFEN) and LES JARDINIERS, and finally his current psych-drone project, AUN (with three CDS on ORAL in Montreal and one on CRUCIAL BLAST in the United States).



.a.r.12.01. DREAMCATCHER - Prom Night/Eyes of Leatherface 12’’ clear, 180g, lim 300 -- 13$can

- 12'' vinyl. limited to 300 units.
- clear vinyl. 180g.
- release date: March 10, 2008

Formed in Montreal in 2004, DREAMCATCHER, composed of Katherine Kline and Blake Hargreaves, is one of the grandest and loudest outfits in Montreal's explosive underground music scene. DREAMCATCHER's hot-wiring, saturated and hypnotic sound layers, as well as strings and splatters of sonic mess and power-electronics/old-school/new school aesthetics, have earned them a devoted following in Montreal and beyond throughout the years.

After a handful of limited releases, like 'HOLYSMOKES’ (a live performance on CKUT 90.3 McGill) on ALIEN8 RECORDINGS, the group finally gave birth to their first proper album, NIMBUS CD/LP in 2005 (OHNONO/FLUORESCENT FRIENDS), to great acclaim.

The present collaboration between DREAMCATCHER and .ANGLE.REC., a project that was initially envisioned some time ago, breathes a second life into a pair of past productions initially released by two of today's most influential art-house labels, releases that until now, only a handful of enthusiasts had the opportunity to hear.

Originally produced on cassette in very limited editions on the AMERICAN TAPES label (run by WOLF EYES’ John Olson) and NAUTICAL ALMANAC’s HERESEE label respectively, "PROM NIGHT" and "EYES OF LEATHERFACE" are archived here on clear vinyl, side by side, original label artwork provided, for an enlarged audience and for posterity. These two outstanding DREAMCATCHER sessions include material from their first recorded jam ever, and rank among the favourites of the duo. They represent the furthest expanse and total richness of DREAMCATCHER world-changing vision. And furthermore this is without a doubt one of the sickest, most twisted and noisiest releases from the .ANGLE.REC. camp so far, and with it, the sonic territories covered by the label strech again. It also is the label’s first 12’’ release! This monstrous, tension filled and chunky plate of sound with lots of unexpected eruptions and aural collisions is limited to 300 copies.

Blake's first record "The Waxathon" came out in 2003; he also co-runs the FLUORESCENT FRIENDS label and plays in the psych-core bands COUSINS OF REGGAE and THAMES. Katherine does solo work as CELINE BEYOND and is a member of DEATH DRIVE and WONDER YEARS.

Thanks to John Olson for his great contribution to the center label artwork.

A1 Tuppet
A2 Prom Night 1
A3 Prom Night 2
B1 Prom Night 3
B2 Eyes Of Leatherface


.a.r.10.03. 15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO - Between Checks And Artillery Image 10", lim. 500 -- 7$can

- 10" vinyl (45RPM). 2 tracks. limited to 500 copies.
- design by Nicolas Chevreux.
- mastering by Thomas Garrison (Control/Misanthrope Studio).
- released on the 13th day of August of the Year 2007.

A trio from San Francisco composed of Daniel Blomquist, Mark Wilson and Michael Addison Mersereau, 15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO, with previous releases in CD or CDR format on the FORCE OF NATURE and CRUNCH POD labels, brings us their first production in vinyl format. It is comprised of 2 exclusive tracks, on 10’’ vinyl, released on the Montreal based label .ANGLE.REC., still fond of the vinyl disc. 2 tracks which suggest an even more brilliant and exploded future for this exploratory vehicle born on the ashes of the famous IMPERIAL FLORAL ASSAULT UNIT project. The trio’s most recent CD, ‘’Under A Morphine Sky’’, offered a well-balanced perspective between improvisation and composition, a sound alchemy that is realized without any pretension under a purple and…of course… morphined sky. Power-Electronics in symbiosis with Dark-ambient in symbiosis with Guitar-Noise in symbiosis with various layered and shifting acoustic and electronic elements …The result and the overall feel were stunning. This 10incher is the log ical follow-up to the madness. 2 face(t)s, 2 slices of life. A side, ‘’KRONOS’’, proposes us a guitar-based canvas with multiples effects and spacious microworlds, with an accelerating insanity and intensity, an 8-9 minute segment which flies like the wind. It can also be considered as an extrapolation on the last minutes of ‘’THE RETURNING’’, found on B Side; ‘’THE RETURNING’’ begins with an epic lo-fi martial/neoclassical/doom segment but rather soon, haunting post-rock/shoegaze guitar-based structures come to occupy the main stage, and the power electronics segment also turns up very quickly following that, the whole being accomplished with a constant mastery and concern for texture. It is chaotic, foggy buy damned melodic and moving …and it does not stop gaining in intensity. Towards the final segment, we have samples and then a melodic guitar-based motif with a healthy dose of echo, which reverberates while consuming itself, till the end … 15DBZ has crazy surprises in store for us. Discover why, now. Many ambiences and textures on this 10’’ remind us of the reasons why we got interested, in the first place, in various ‘’nocturnal’’ and/or ‘’subterranean’’ musical universes. The beauty of it all is that here, everything is presented in condensed fashion. 2 tracks which fly too fast despite their relative length. Another welcome add to the .ANGLE.REC. vinyl series.

A Kronos
B The Returning


.e.q.05.03. NETHERWORLD - Kall: The Abyss Where Dreams Fall CD -- 9$can

- cd. limited to 441 copies.
- mastered by John Sellekaers [Metarc]
- design by Christian Salette
- released in June 2007.

Always concerned with pushing even further its explorations on the side of ‘’drone’’ drifts, angleREC adds to its parallel series, that is the MONDES ELLIPTIQUES label, a new release in the form of the first official CD production of Italian project NETHERWORLD. This CD has the rather evocative title of ''KALL - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall''. Alessandro Tedeschi’s project previously gained a fair share of attention with CDR or mini-CDR releases on fine labels such as UMBRA, GEARS OF SAND, TAALEM/KOKESHIDISK! Alessandro also runs the GLACIAL MOVEMENTS label, which gave us, in 2006, the acclaimed CRYOSPHERE compilation. In a tradition that is anchored, at the same time, in avant-garde, ritual soundz and dark-ambient, with a typically Italian touch, NETHERWORLD gives a peculiarly and elegantly organic and palpable feel to sounds that, in the hands of others, would maybe fall flat …and it is as if the sound universe conjured by the magic of NETHERWORLD was strangely…how could one say? OCCUPIED. Each moment, eac h twist and turn of this sound adventure bears infinite richness and elasticity, at all times …those are rather ‘busy’ sound layers but each of the elements has sufficient breathing space and can differentiate itself from the other surrounding components. This antagonism represents one of NETHERWORLD’s greatest strengths. Another noteworthy antagonism: this tendency to propose us ambiences that are excessively introspective, subdued, withdrawn into themselves, but which, at the same time, expand, subtly dilate to occupy an incommensurable space. Upon the first notes (or pulses??) of the opening track, ‘’KALL’’, this infinite abyss, envelops us and our dreams sink, dissolve, reinvent themselves…The sound propositions found on’’KALL’’ have enough movement and density to please the ones fond of depth in their music, but the overall ‘purified’ feel will please the most discerning purist. For the occasion, MONDES ELLIPTIQUES once again used the mastering talents of JOHN SELLEKAERS @ METARC and it is CHRISTIAN SALETTE who put his savoir-faire in our service for the design of the sleeve and images. Limited to 441 copies! Deluxe cardboard sleeve.

1 Kall - Part 1
2 Kall - Part 2
3 Kall - Part 3
4 Kall - Part 4


.a.r.05.05. FLINT GLASS - TELEPHERIQUE - Information Gigabyte CD (SOLD-OUT)

- cd. limited to 404 numbered copies. *SOLD-OUT*
- special cardboard deluxe sleeve.
- 11 tracks.
- Mastering by DITHER.
- gfx by ::: EYE.LYFT :::
- release: March 13, 2007.

Our present society progresses and changes at an incredible speed. The amount of information we have access to or that is proposed to us is way greater than it used to be, even 10-15 years ago, thanks for the most part to the rise of Internet and the tremendous pace of progress in existing or new technologies. Researchers of UC Berkeley (Peter Lyman/Hal R. Varian/James Dunn/Aleksey Strygin/Kirsten Swearingen) found that ‘’the world's total yearly production of print, film, optical, and magnetic content would require roughly 1.5 billion gigabyte of storage. This is the equivalent of 250 megabytes per person for each man, woman, and child on earth’’. One can only imagine what it will be like in 10 or 20 years from now…We are submerged in information, overwhelmed by it, the overabundance of information creates a potential or actual ‘’black hole’’, hence the birth of what we shall call the ‘’fear of information’’…Writers and futurologists Alvin and Heidi Toffler were the first to imagine the consequences of the paradigm change associated with the advent of the information era, in all spheres of human activity; the famous 1970 book, ‘Future Shock’, studies the acceleration of progress and its effects on every individual’s psychological structure. According to this book, an individual submitted to too much change in a too-limited time frame would experience stress and disorientation. This would then lead to various acute physical and mental disturbances, called "future shock", accompanied by a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy...Our mind, physiology and social structures are not able to keep up with the rate at which change happens, or with the amount of new data available, on a constant basis…While wandering through those infinite mazes of information, wading through a vast ocean of choices, the individual has to select what is best for him and truly choose and discover himself!

Musically speaking, many artists from the industrial and post-industrial scenes have addressed the topic of future shock, be it explicitly or implicitly; for example SPK, as early as 1979-1980…In 2006, it is still a hot topic, more than ever in fact. With a will to sonically explore the intricate and infinite mazes of information spun in the last few dozens years, and illustrate the tremendous changes which have been occurring during that period and which affect us all, TELEPHERIQUE’s Klaus Jochim and FLINT GLASS’ Gwenn Tremorin have joined forces for this collaborative album, which is indeed a concept album about information overload, the speed at which technological changes occur and the negative effects of this information overload on our psychological state. Both artists have sampled and gathered a great deal of sounds taken from computers or conferences on the topic, in a totally digital way from the FLINT GLASS perspective, and in an analogic/old-school fashion from the TELEPHERIQUE perspective. The idea was to confront the technological evolution with itself in the composition process, in a chronological way, by imagining the evolution from 1980 or so, up until now. You can then expect a pleasing and surprising ‘shock’ between FLINT GLASS’ trademark distorted idm-ish beats, intertwined with sinister and expansive atmospheres, and TELEPHERIQUE’s dirty soundscapes and machinesque old-school and sometimes or often lo-fi drifts for which they have been renowned since 1989. Let aural information flood you!

1 Kunsthirn
2 Dendral
3 Future Shock Syndrome
4 User Protection
5 Dominance Of Digital
6 Information Burn-Out
7 Magnetic Migration
8 Fear Of Information
9 Terror Of Terabytes
10 Tape In Transition
11 Internet Collapse


.a.r.05.04. HYENA HIVE – Serengeti Serendipity CDR (SOLD-OUT)

- cdr. limited to 30 copies. *SOLD-OUT*
- hand-painted digifile sleeves with various added ornaments.
- each sleeve is different!
- released on the 17th day of December of the Year 2006.

The idea of this project came like a gunfire, a last minute impulse, a few days before HYENA HIVE took the stage at ZOOBIZARRE by storm for their first live set ever...

The two members of HYENA HIVE, M.-A. (OH! DEAD DARLING) and B. (NOS ROYAUMES / OH! DEAD DARLING) made a good habit of documenting, recording on-the-spot, on good old analog tape, each of their « jams », each of their sound creation, construction and deconstruction sessions …We were in the process of transferring the most recent sessions from analog to digital when came the idea of releasing, in limited edition, a block taken from said sessions…

Here are 3 tracks which show well the nice symbiosis that exists between the two member of the duo, who create a sound entity of epic and monstrous proportions. There are only two of them but we sometimes have the impression we deal with a whole legion of noisicians …B. (bass/screams/noises) and M.-A. (percussions/noises/screams) are not about easy-listening stuff ; their music, a trance and a primal scream at the same time, is often progressive, sometimes more abrupt, and almost always machinal and machinesque. In that sense, the saturated psych noise resulting from their joint work, based on an acoustic instrumentation and topped with loops and extreme effects, is very close to the New York aesthetics of the beginning of the eighties or the Japanese school. The interests and background in industrial music (mainly of the very old-school and grating variety) of our two special characters probably has something to do with the many hammerings which they deploy along the three excellent tracks we present us here. First release of the duo! A new screaming machine in Montreal.

1 Moult It
2 Heat Eats Eater
3 Queen Bee


.e.q.05.02. MATHIAS DELPLANQUE - Ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas [Montréal] CD --6$can

- cd. limited to 500 copies.
- sleeve + 4 inserts.
- mastered by John Sellekaers @ Metarc
- drawings of the sleeve created by Dove Allouche.
- design by eveChabot.
- released in June 2006.

This is the stereo version of a sound installation presented at Montréal’s Studio Cormier in December 2004. It is the second part of the ‘’Ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas’’ series. The piece is based on the recording of “silences”, i.e. the recording of sound produced in spaces with no human presence. The sound of an “empty” Studio Cormier was therefore used as the material for the production of this piece. The sound takes were done during the quietest moments of the day, by means of microphones placed strategically throughout the Studio by the artist. The sounds gathered were then amplified, and their frequencies, accentuated to the extreme. In the installation itself, the sound was broadcast in multi channel mode over 11 loudspeakers, including a subwoofer, in four Studio Cormier spaces (“Hall”, “Living room”, “Bedroom”, “Lab”). This installation closed Mathias Delplanque’s Montréal residency at Studio Cormier from July to December 2004, as part of Les Inclassables program, proposed by the Association française d'action artistique (AFAA), in partnership with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ).

The result of the experiment, as presented on this record, constitutes a genuine drone odyssey playing on fullness and emptiness, presence and absence, ‘’speak’’ and ‘’non-speak’’…One long track full of subtle movement and enlivened with various underlying currents. A sheer delight.

Mathias Delplanque is known, among others, for his releases under the LENA moniker on the Quartermass label. As THE MISSING ENSEMBLE, Mathias Delplanque, John Sellekaers and Daniel De Los Santos recorded the HIDDEN DOORS cd, released on MONDES ELLIPTIQUES (.E.Q.05.01.).

1 Ma Chambre Quand Je N'y Suis Pas (Montréal)


.a.r.03.01. GRKZGL - Esque mini-CD --4$can

- mini-cd. Limited to 500 copies.
- gatefold digifile sleeve.
- design by eveChabot – source photos by Grkzgl.
- released on the 25th day of March of the Year 2006.

First release of the .Angle.Records. label in the 3’’ mini-cd format! This format lends itself well to the implementation of a maximum of ideas within a minimum of space. Clocking it at under 20 minutes on the cd player, this release proposes a journey that is indeed short but full of variations. Here is an excellent introduction for this promising artist from Montreal.
Grkzgl (pronouced ‘grak-siggle’), once known under various other names, comes from many horizons at the same time. Influenced by the post-industrial universe as well as the minimal or noisy avant-garde, Grkzgl strings 6 pieces together, which represent so many micro-adventures, interrelated and presented in an uninterrupted fashion, the whole forming an entity driven by multiple jolts. His ingredients? Spacious ambiences, cracklings originating from everywhere and nowhere, short-circuits, underlying hummings, psychoactive noise …one already feels, upon the first moments, the presence of each of the many sound components which will compose this mini-album. Except that in the very beginning, each one goes its own way …and very soon, the unison happens, all particles and corpuscles meet with each other and, in concert, all those elements lay the foundations, terribly structured and chaotic at the same time, of a universe that is whacked-out but full of a constant lucidity and direction. The various preferred sound sources of the artist are, of course, triturated and recycled in a peculiar way, resulting in organic abstractions that are carefully thought out, evocative, evolutionary and saturated.

1 untlat
2 balance
3 my radiat
4 belcrut
5 dékiff
6 pugnt


.a.r.10.02. VISIONS - Celestial Sphere 10", limited 270 copies --10$can

- 10 "vinyl (33RPM). 2 tracks. limited to 270 copies.
- gatefold sleeve
- design and mastering by Frédéric Arbour
- released at the end of March 2006.

Visions, or the thousand and one perspectives of the intersidereal infinite, transposed into sounds conjuring spherical images.

Frédéric Arbour, with his Visions project, released the ‘’Lapse’’ cd in 2005 on his own label Cyclic Law, and this album stands out as one of our faves of that year in terms of ambient music. So it’s not surprising that we were enchanted by the 2 unreleased tracks Visions submitted to us towards the end of that same year, and that we decided to make a 10’’ maxi with those tracks.

The sound themes and perspectives proposed within the 2 tracks are numerous, and they harmonize in a sublimely complex and thoughtful way. The main backdrop is composed of dark synthetic layers which stretch towards the infinite, and which welcome gradually, among others, sound motifs that are acoustically generated and that echo each other, reinforcing the effect of sound vortex into which the listener is dragged. Ethereal melodies accentuate the epic character of this odyssey into the unfathomable interstellar immensity. A release which will appeal to fans of dark-ambient, of course, but which will also delight fans of atmospheric music in general!

A Celestial Sphere
B Stellar Echo


.e.q.05.01. THE MISSING ENSEMBLE - Hidden Doors CD --7$can

- cd. limited to 500 copies.
- deluxe digifile sleeve + booklet containing short stories by Brian Evenson and Mathias Delplanque
- cover art by Ray Caesar.
- design by NosR.
- released on the 26th day of January 2006.

Three sonic trajectories which tie and untie. Three creative entities to orchestrate the whole. John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars), Daniel De Los Santos (Tamarin) and Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Bidlo) open us the door to a universe whose maze conceals a multitude of other doors. Some are half-open, others are closed and many are, at first sight, invisible. As we explore further, we must let those secret doors some time to take shape, to reveal themselves…and it will then be possible to fix our attention on various aspects of the sound labyrinth that is presented to us, to come and go while letting ourselves be carried by the waves and the modulations, which then become our exploratory vehicle and form one body with us in the journey…Indeed, many doors are hidden, but they are awaiting to be discovered, probed…Behind them, fullness or emptiness…

Here, John Sellekaers, Daniel De Los Santos and Mathias Delplanque have concocted a sound fabric which explores the tangents uniting or dissociating ‘lowercase sound’, drone and dark ambient. Where does each of those styles start, where does it end? No one could tell...Nevertheless, HIDDEN DOORS brings its share of answers…in a very personal way: lots of textures, palpable ambiences, subtle drifts. The whole is produced in an elegant and stylish fashion. Mastered by John Sellekaers @ Metarc.

The hallway was slowly going dim around him, flattening out, the door he had come through now an odd square of black, a vertical panel, two dimensional, rather than an entrance. The whole world, he thought fleetingly, was like that for him, there was nothing he could hold on to but this hall and perhaps a few other halls above that and a corpse he may or may not have seen, somewhere above him. But what did above mean?

1 Part I
2 Part II
3 Part III
4 Part IV



.a.r.05.03. LCEDP - De L'Utilité Des Convoyeurs CD --6$can

- cd. limited to 500 copies.
- special textured cardboard sleeve with insert.
- released the 12th day of April of the Year 2005.

Ever entered one of those old abandoned factories at night, wandering through its long desolated vintage hallways, discovering rusty machines put to a permanent idle state against their will, hearing your footsteps resonating around you towards infinity, up to the high arched ceilings of the engine room, hearing the distant sound of the water dripping slowly on the floor, having the feeling of breaking a near silence full of secrets and long lost memories?

Like a sanctuary, the abandoned building unfolds its secrets one by one, revealing the true beauty that is hidden in its decaying walls, pipes, equipment…Beauty in decay, as Da Vinci would have possibly called it. Here lies a broken conveyor; there, hidden behind some monstrous crucible surrounded by sparse metal objects, one can see the entrance to a deep basement that seems to remain untouchable and totally shrouded in darkness even when one uses the most powerful torchlights …you gotta watch your step, as some stairs are missing and, down in the basement, the floor is punctuated with black holes leading to god knows where…but the reward is priceless. An intimate meeting with the very soul of the building and its yet-to-be-captured, redefined and recontextualized memories…

Coming from the speedcore/hardcore area of electronic music, Montreal’s LCEDP now delves into the world of rhythm’ n’ noise. His first CD creation, De L'Utilité Des Convoyeurs, takes up where urban exploration leaves off, and strives to return all that decaying matter…to life. A vibrant life, a powerful cry of joy, sadness, anger and bliss altogether. The machines are operational again, and they have a lot to say. LCEDP listened to their message and translated it into his elegant yet stormy and abrasive musical style. The result, you hold in your hands. Noisy and punchy and ultra rhythmic, with a few more introspective and abstract moments …

21 impressions transcoded by LCEDP + 1 additional impression revised by ORPHX. Grey sleeve with tone-on-tone embossed patterns and insert. 500 copies. Mastering by Metarc. Artwork by Maria Chronopoulos. Source photos by LCEDP.

1 Fibromyalgie
2 Quoi
3 Mutant Clot Whore
4 Haskp
5 115 Silos
6 Unheimliche
7 Stid C
8 Hungerber
9 Old Radio Program
10 Broken Convoyeur
12 Sponsored Urbanocide
13 Élévateur #5
14 NBD
15 Crutsh
16 Repair Your Stomach
17 Slow Contamination
18 Melwah
19 Mamesh
20 DRL
21 Mutilation Inchoative
22 Sponsored Urbanocide (Orphx Dead Cities Mix)


.a.r.05.02. MONSTRARE / WILT - Graveflowers CD --6$can

- cd. limited to 500 copies.
- deluxe digifile sleeve.
- released the 13th day of October of the Year 2004.

For the last few years, the enthusiasts have been enjoying the evolutionary sound creations of CORDELL KLIER (MONSTRARE) and JAMES KEELER (WILT). The first, very often, in his solo adventures, works in a register which one could hail as ‘’dark glitch’’, or a close encounter of the third kind between modern technology and the abyss, as the second builds us somber sonic monoliths, raw blocks of black bruitist matter and dark lo-fi atmospherics …

It was no doubt that the collision, or fusion, between these two aesthetics tinged with psychotropism was going to give way to a genuine journey, a unique and peculiar epic, in the image of the respective projects of the two creators. There is a natural fit between these projects as both focus on dark mathematical projections. In this monumental production, MONSTRARE feeds us with new-school sonorities as WILT opts for old-school sounds, an it goes without saying that one used the source sound material of the other to crystallize his own visions, and vice versa. Side by side, the intemporal, uncompromising and often arrhythmic sonic fluids secreted here sometimes have a textured minimalistic feel, sometimes reflect a will of nuanced saturation … Here one will easily recognize the traditional ambient and subtle black noise WILT feel, just pushed to the utmost level, with MONSTRARE doing the dark-clicked drone he is renowned for, but in an especially demented way.

Alternately, the listener finds himself wandering through the uneven meanders of subterranean cathedrals and flying over futurist cities radiant with an aura of strangely coloured neons. But there are a thousand and one other possible interpretations. Organic yet bleak, the music presented here symbolizes the passing of life into subharmonic spirituality. Now is your turn to make yourself your own interior movie while listening to this album!

1 Monstrare - Mem Na'ught
2 Monstrare - Turye Es Undas Urmae
3 Monstrare - Fouen Lzsir
4 Monstrare - Qui Wuen
5 Monstrare - Kjeordiena Rosicrucianae Secretaes
6 Monstrare - Turye Undas Fiurmae
7 Wilt - From The Museum Of Sleep
8 Wilt - Hemophilic Root Plow
9 Wilt - When We Had Skin
10 Wilt - Unrest


.a.r.05.01. AIDAN BAKER - An Intricate Course of Deception CD (SOLD-OUT)

- cd. limited to 300 copies. *SOLD-OUT*
- special oversized sleeve.
- released the 22nd day of April of the Year 2004.

ANGLE.REC.’s third release is by Toronto artist AIDAN BAKER. It also marks the first release on CD format by .ANGLE.REC.

A guitarist impregnated with the sonic twists and turns of the drone universe, a member of ARC and also a poet, among others, AIDAN BAKER nurtures a very particular and personal style when experimenting with his instrument. From one album to another, and he has released many on different labels around the world, AIDAN BAKER has relentlessly been polishing exploratory sonic fabrics of a majestic beauty, always halfway between ether and psychedelia, with the obscure and indefinable touch that makes his music ideal for introspection and contemplation.

Aidan Baker’ natural ease and tendency to deconstruct and reinvent the guitar’s syllabus shows very well on AN INTRICATE COURSE OF DECEPTION…Long shadowy and droney passages go side by side with tripped-out smooth lo fi experiments which evoke, reinterpret, and take to a different level the sounds heard in the ethereal, experimental and ambient field of recent years.

Expansive, atmospheric and recursive landscapes are enhanced with evolving bursts of well-dosed noisy interruptions, perfectly in line with the overall experience of the whole soundtrack. A factory in the desert…

1 Interweaver
2 Thread / Bare
3 Gossamer
4 Weft


.a.r.07.01. NOS ROYAUMES - L'Antichambre 7’’, 220g, limited 220 copies -- 5$can

- 7" vinyl (33RPM) with two inserts. limited to 222 copies.
- the 40 first copies are coming in a fabric enveloppe. *The special edition is now sold out*
- released the 1st day of February of the Year 2004.

Before running aground onto the shores of a minimal, somber, muffled and textured electro with strains that are nevertheless poetically devastating, the creator behind the Montreal project Nos Royaumes flirted with the uneven terrains of rhythmic noise, pure noise, hard ebm and a zillion other sonic outlets, under various names. It is, however, with the founding of its current project that he proudly delivers us his first official release, which is the result of months, even years, of experimentation, discovery and refining.

The enriched synthesis made by Nos Royaumes with his first 2-track 7 inch single, « L’antichambre », brings us to a crossing of the different roads the creator followed in his many experimentations and sonic discoveries in recent years, to a place where the demarcation line between old-school industrial, dark ambient, narrative paths not spelt out and recursive bruitism takes on blurred and original shades.

Nos Royaumes demonstrates, with the two monumental tracks of his first release, that oppressing ambiences can easily go together with enveloping atmospheres.

A Ornements De Beauté Nihiliste
B L'Antichambre


.a.r.10.01. VROMB - Locomotive 10", limited 550 (SOLD-OUT)

- 10 "vinyl (45RPM). limited to 550 copies. *SOLD-OUT*
- released the 15th day of June of the Year 2003.

Hot on the heels of his latest 10inch, Le Tourne-Disque, which gained a very strong response from both fans and critics, Vromb strikes again with another 10inch release, this time focussing on the concept of locomotives and railways. Originally commissionned in 1994 for a theater play, called Faire du Train, the sound material on this release was recently re-worked and enhanced by the artist and it definitely pursues on the minimal technoid approach found on many Vromb past and recent releases, with atmospheric-oriented openings, intermezzos and closings, in purest Vromb tradition. Upon hearing the first seconds of the opening track, with the train passing in a desert plain, by night, at an unstoppable pace, the listener will undoubtedly recall some childhood memories, those moments when he heard the locomotive roar from the neighboring railway, seconds before falling asleep…and was then dragged into organico mechanical dreams…

And then comes the sloppy, fat, blueprint Vromb rhythmic section…

Montreal’s.ANGLE.REC. is proud to present this new chapter in Vromb’s musical lifebook. So is Vromb himself!
Limited edition – act fast!

A1 Lien-3
A2 Locomotive-A
B1 Le Chemin De Fer
B2 Locomotive-B/Lien-5


Also, please note that you can also find most of our releases on ITunes and other digital platforms. The following ones can be found on ITunes at this moment, and should appear on other platforms soon:

SKINWELL - Tunnels (.angle.rec.)
LOW.END.ENSEMBLE - S/t (.angle.rec.)
NETHERWORLD - Kall - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall (Mondes Elliptiques)
FLINT GLASS & TELEPHERIQUE - Information Gigabyte (.angle.rec.)
MATHIAS DELPLANQUE - Ma Chambre Quand Je N'y Suis Pas (Montréal) (Mondes Elliptiques)
GRKZGL - Esque (.angle.rec.)
THE MISSING ENSEMBLE - Hidden Doors (Mondes Elliptiques)
LCEDP - De L'Utilité Des Convoyeurs (.angle.rec.)
MONSTRARE/WILT - Graveflowers (.angle.rec.)
AIDAN BAKER - An Intricate Course of Deception (.angle.rec.)



The .A.R.01. section of our old site was expressly dedicated to productions in digital format. At, the ultimate archival resource on the World Wide Web, we created a collection bearing the name ANGLEMONDES, in reference, of course, to our two main labels. ANGLEMONDES is our digital archive. There you will find recordings from friends and allies, which are exclusive, or out of print/hard or impossible to find (released in physical format at some point back in time). Expect lowercase sounds, extreme noise and lots of things in between.

Can be found at:

.a.r.01.01. AIDAN BAKER - Concretion mp3 (n/a)

- mp3 release. hosted at
- released online: December 8, 2007

CONCRETION [the act or process of concreting into a mass; coalescence] features 3 long tracks of experimental/ambient guitar & voice. Track 1 starts with backward-looping, murmuring guitar, which 'decays' into something of a choral hymn, which in turn 'decays' into feedback/noise. Track 2 is a looping/deconstructive version of 'The Huron Carol', a traditional 17th Century French-Canadian hymn. Track 3 features a simple guitar pattern slowly building and morphing as the signal loops & decays through a tape echo effect.
First net/mp3 offering from the .Angle.REC. camp. Re-release of a now hard-to-find early milestone in AIDAN BAKER’S prolific output. Originally released as a limited edition CDR on the now defunct DTA label. Now is your chance to (re)-discover this gem! ‘’Vintage’’ AIDAN BAKER solo material !

To listen to excerpts and download the whole release:


HUSHUSH Records stock

NIHILIST SPASM BAND & REYNOLS - No Borders to No Borders CD (14$can)
VROMB & SZKIEVE - Le pavillon des oiseaux / Le monorail 7’’vinyl (6$can)
LILITH - Imagined Compositions for Water CD (12$can)
SEALEY / ODDIE / SPYBEY - Sealey / Oddie / Spybey CD (12$can)
SZKIEVE - Des rythmes de passage CD (12$can)
MARTIENS GO HOME! - Une Occasion De Chute CD (12$can)
MOONSANTO - Fraud - Hell – Dope CD (12$can)
MOONSANTO - Fraud - Hell – Dope kit CD (30$can)
KK NULL - Peak Of Nothingness CD (12$can)
C-DRIK – Dissolution CD (12$can)
MARK SPYBEY & MICK HARRIS - Bad Roads, Young (Threesome 2.) CD (12$can)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Low End Recon (A Dark Hop Trans Vol. 1) CD (7,50$can)
MICK HARRIS - Hed Nod Sessions 04 12'’ (9$can)
MICK HARRIS - Hed Nod Sessions 03 12'' (9$can)
MICK HARRIS - Hed Nod Sessions 01 12’’ (9$can)


Here, i used to maintain an (almost) complete list of all the distribution items from other labels i grabbed over the years while operating .Angle.Rec. & Mondes Elliptiques labels but as it was becoming more and more outdated compared to my Discogs listings, i decided not to take the pains to update it anymore. From now on, to see the hundreds of still-available distro items (as well as stuff from my personal collection that i am parting ways with), please check out: